To whom it might be beneficial?

Are you experiencing tension, pain and stiffness and massage can give you only temporary relief? Or may be you have concerns about your pour posture and all the hard exercise work doesn't change anything or even cause more troubles? Is stess and anxiety are common issues? Do you want to find an internal support to maintain your vitality? Do you want to feel grounded and at ease with movement? Or may be you are looking for ways to feel at home with your body?

Then this practice will be the most beneficial for you.

What this class is about?

This class is based on different somatic practices, which help you to support yourself during your daily life activities. Focusing on your movement patterns and the way you learn to move you will find how you can optimally

  • move without pain 
  • increase range of movement
  • get more flexible without damage for your body
  • relief tension
  • improve your posture
  • improve your gate
  • calm down and to feel grounded
  • feel at home with your body


The movements are performed in slow tempo. No any special device is required. This class suitable for anyone of any age and physical condition. You will need some space on the floor and a yogi mat (optional). This class is perfect to do at home.

Duration: 1,5 hour.

Somatic Movement Lab (c), KvK: 71397612, photos: D. van Lith