How can I benefit from personal training?

Do you want to become fitter? Do you want to start to exercise but don't know what to start from?  Are you struggling with exeecising on regular basis? Do you need to recover after trauma? Are you experiencing from lack of energy? Do you have issues with self-confidence? Do you need to improve your functionality in your daily life activities? Or may be you are  already started to exercise, but haven't got a desireble effect or even got injuried after your training and would like to revise your training program and to get an advice on physical performance? 

There is no absolutely the same person. We all are different and your personal training program will be featured in accordance with your individual needs.

Depends on your needs personal trainer will help you to set up your goals and to build up your individual training program. Your will also receive an advice on how to make your performance safe and efficient.

Your personal training goals might include

  • strength
  • flexibility
  • balance
  • coordination
  • stamina
  • weight loss

How can I start my personal training?

To start your personal training you will have

  • a free intake interview to define your goals,
  • then a trial session with 50% discaunt
  • and after the initial program is set up you will begin to train on regular basis.

The sessions take place one on one in Amsterdam at our practice location, at your gim location at open air or online.

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