Who can benefit from body-mind coaching?

Do you suffer from stress or feel restless? Do you have sleep problems? Is your breath shallow or may be sometimes you feel out of breath? Do you feel tension?  Are you loolikg for ways to relax and stay grounded?

Do you feel disconnected with your body? Have you chronic pain? Do you get tired fast and need recuperation?

Is your posture a cause of discomfort and low self-estime? 

Did you try many popular ways to improve your situation but ended up with frustration?

Then it's time to find a place of support and gentle care. And this place is inside you. Let your body intelligence guide you there.

What is body-mind coaching?

Individual body-mind coaching sessions are one-on-one sessions with the coach for people seeking help with following issues

  • how to cope with stress and anxiety
  • How to relax
  • how to breath deep and with no tension
  • how to stay in a contact with your body
  • how to move free of pain
  • how to keep moving all the life span
  • how to improve posture
  • how to get self confidence
  • how to keep functional with physical limitations
  • how to restore energy loss
  • what are the internal and external sources of your vitality

What to expect from body-mind coaching sessions?

During the session after intake your individual program will be created in accordance with your personal inquiry.

Depends on what your goals are different methods can be applied. The session might include hands-on techniques, a tailored exercise program, guided  movement exploration or all above. 

How many sessions will I need to reach my goal?

It's a process.

Although your goals are clear, there is no recipie.

Every person is different. You will be supported whether you will choose hands-on practice or to explore new ways to move or learning breathing and relaxation techniques. 

However, you learn from your personal experience during this process. It is your journey and you chose your way, while choach provides your safety, soft guidance, and support for your choices.

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