To whom it might be interesting?

This class is focused on breathing and aimed to support people dealing with stress and anxiety, patients with chronic respiratory  disorders (asthma,COPD and people with post-covid breathing problems) and those are interested to improve the way they breath.

How can I benefit from this class?

During this class you will learn:

  • what breathing pattern is and what it gives you
  • which  body structures support breathing
  • how how breathing affects your posture and vice versa
  • how breathing support relaxation
  • how to breath deep and effortlessly
  • how breathing helps to relax

What to expect?

For this class no any special device is required. You will need some space on the floor, a blanket, a cushion and a yogi mat (optional). This class is perfect to do at home.

Duration: 1 hour.

Somatic Movement Lab (c), KvK: 71397612, photos: D. van Lith