Embodied movement education and well-being

Who stands behind Somatic Movement Lab

My name is Svetlana MalininaI am a somatic movement coach and a physiotherapist in training with a background in dance, physical theater and more than 20 years’ experience in movement education. It's a wonderful journey to explore how human beings express their self through the body and how the body movement change the quality of life. During my work I integrate somatic movement approach, creativity and evidence-based practice.

Mission and vision

Somatic Movement Lab facilitate the process of self-identification of Human Being as livelong body-mind and its environment as a whole system. The Embody-Embrace-Empower is the guiding principle, which allows to transform one’s body intelligence into wellbeing through movement exploration and creative process.

Somatic Movement Lab provide consulting for groups and individuals who are seeking the ways to enhance the quality of their physical and emotional state through the embodiment process. Somatic Movement Lab also provides courses for professionals in arts, body-oriented practices and sports who wants to deepen their practice and enrich their professional skills.

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