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Somatic Movement Lab


Embodied movement education and well-being

Stretch. Eccentric contractions strength training

This class is based on eccentric contractions strength training. Eccentric contractions is a motion of an active muscle while it is lengthening under load.

Stretch was developed by Russian choreographer G. Abramov for professional dancers as a daily body conditioning training.

It's a high intensity eccentric resistance training, which helps to gain muscle strength in the most efficient way. 

Benefits of the training:

  • muscle growth
  •  increased muscle strength and power 
  • flexibility 
  • low probability of injury in comparison to classic dead weight lifting training based on concentric contractions
  • increased metabolic rate
  • perfect for last stage of rehab of low extremities
  • good for high performance athletes
  • an alternative strength training for older adults and  patients experiencing excessive muscle loss.


For this class you don't need any special equipment. It is possible to do this class in a small space. The exercises has simple form and are performed with low speed. You are guided by the coach and learn the technique how to perform them in a correct way. You also learn how to build your own workout from simple exercises to more complicated.


Duration: 1 hour.

Cost: 1 class of 1.5 hour = 15 EUR, paid in advance 5 classes = 65.00 EUR, Trial = 5 EUR 


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