Somatic Movement Lab


Somatic Movement Lab


Embodied movement education and well-being

Movements for life

This class is based on different somatic methods and techniques. At this class you will learn how to improve the way you move during your daily life activities. During this class you will learn:  

  • How to move without pain 
  • How to increase range of movement
  • How to get more flexible without damage for your body
  • How to get rid of muscle tension and to obtain an optimal muscle tone
  • How to get rid of stress and anxiety
  • How to feel your body


The movements are performed in slow tempo. No any special device is required. This class suitable for anyone of any age and physical condition. You will need some space on the floor and a yogi mat (optional). This class is perfect to do at home.

Duration: 1 hour.

Cost: 1 class of one hour = 10 EUR, paid in advance 5 classes = 40 EUR,   Trial = 5 EUR


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