Somatic Movement Lab


Somatic Movement Lab


Embodied movement education and well-being

Individual sessions and personal training 

Individual sessions are one-on-one sessions with the coach for people seeking help with following issues:

  • stress and relaxation
  • breathing
  • being in a contact with the body (you want to feel your body)
  • pain relief and increases range of motion (how to move without pain)
  • improved posture
  • personal advise for your general fitness program (strength, flexibility, coordination and balance)


During the session after intake your individual program will be created in accordance with your personal inquiry. Depends on what your goals are different methods can be applied. The session might include hands-on techniques, a tailored exercise program, guided  movement exploration or all above.

 Duration: 1 hour.

 Cost: 50 EUR, 4 sessions booked and paid in advance: 190 EUR 


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