Somatic Movement Lab


Somatic Movement Lab


Embodied movement education and well-being

Somatic movement classes and workshops

Somatic Movement Lab provide individual sessions, personal training, somatic movement group classes and workshops.

Depends on what you need you can chose from classes focused on body conditioning and muscle strength, balance, breathing and relaxation, tension and pain relief or just book an individual training tailored to your personal goals.

Classes take place in the practice room or gym. Online sessions are held in Zoom.

You can join the classes you like at any moment. You can book individual somatic movement sessions and personal training according to your own schedule. 

Individual sessions and personal training

stress management and relaxation, breathing, embodiment, feel your body, pain relief, increased range of motion, improved posture, personal advise about body conditioning read more 

Fitness online

Daily life workout in Zoom, body conditioning, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination reed more

Embodied breathing

improved breathing, relaxation, stress management, read more

Movements for life

pain relief, better quality of life, increased range of motion, flexibility, relaxation, read more

Stretch. Eccentric contractions strength training

muscle strength, body conditioning, rehab, balance, improved posture, reed more  
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